Real Estate Trends in the Southend

These days the current estimated median home value in the 33405 is $149,280. So, we’re doing a little better than the estimated median home value in the state of Florida, $145,140, and a little worse than Palm Beach County as a whole, with an estimated median home value of $179,480.

However, compared to the rest of Palm Beach County and the State of Florida, the Southend has seen a greater increase in estimated home values over the past year with an increase of 20.8%, compared to 14.8% county-wide and 13.4% state-wide. Things are looking up for property values in the neighborhood!

Properties are also selling faster in the south of Southern area with an average of 155 days in the system before being sold. The county average is almost a month longer at 182 days and the State average comes in at 210 days.

It’s looking like a good time to buy homes in the Southend. Property values are reasonable at the moment and it looks like they will be steadily increasing over time!


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