We’ve All Been Wondering: What’s replacing the old IHOP?

After the closing of the IHOP in 2009, the lot on 8011 S. Dixie Hwy has remained undeveloped. As the years have passed, we in the Southend have been wondering what will replace the old restaurant. Initially, there was talk that a Walmart would be built on the site, but the deal never closed. Originally, the land was re-zoned as residential in 2005, for a proposed new 110-unit residential property. However, that project was never built.

In 2012, three years after the restaurant’s closing, the City of West Palm Beach bought the seven acres of undeveloped land from its previous owner, Stonegate Bank, for a whopping 2.9 million dollars, $500,000 more than what the property was appraised for. According to Palm Beach Post Journalist Andrew Abramson,the City is looking for a buyer who will redevelop the land into ‘a commercial anchor for the city’s south end.’ See the article here.

Two years later, the land is still owned by the City of West Palm Beach. It is yet to be determined what will eventually replace the old restaurant, but the memories of pancake brunches will remain in our hearts forever.

Image courtesy of the Palm Beach Post


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