Interview with aGuyOnClematis, Blogger Aaron Wormus

guy on clematis

Today in Soso News we have an interview with neighborhood blogger Aaron Wormus. Aaron’s blog, aGuyOnClematis, is dedicated to all things ‘West Palm Beach’ and was voted the ‘Best Overall Blog’ in the Sun Sentinel, 2011.

Here are his thoughts on living in the South of Southern Neighborhood:

SSN: How long have you been living in the Southend?

AW: We moved into the Southend in the beginning of 2010 after living in a condo downtown.

SSN: What initially drew you to the area?

AW: South Olive Elementary was the initial thing that brought our attention to the South End. The programs that they have, and the parent interaction is phenomenal. We also knew a lot of families in the area and like the relaxed neighborhood feel. Living near the water, and having the option to bike to work downtown was also a big draw.

SSN: What is your favorite thing about living here?

AW: Even though the Southend is the biggest neighborhood in West Palm Beach, it still has a great small neighborhood feel. There are a lot of young families in the neighborhood. The kids play in the street with their neighbors from the block. I meet people I know while walking down the waterfront, or shopping at Publix/Winn Dixie or at one of our local gyms.

The Southend Neighborhood Association is good at sending information out about events and I like that we have a very walkable area. We can walk to the water, or walk to Dixie, walk to South Olive School or to the park. I really like all the little family owned stores along Dixie, and try to frequent them as much as possible.

The city still has a lot of work to do with drawing businesses into and helping existing businesses in the South Dixie corridor. But in the few years that we’ve been living here we’ve already seen a spike in new stores & businesses popping up along Dixie and in the surrounding areas. And from what I’ve heard there are exciting things on the horizon with Palm Coast Plaza and the 8111 S. Dixie property, so I’m looking forward to that.


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