Teeing Up Pilates For Golfers

Golf Pilates

Trying to shave a few (or, who are we kidding, a glut) of strokes from your golf game? Consider Pilates.

More and more professional and amateur golfers are turning to the total body conditioning of Pilates to improve their game. Why?

Benefits include:

  • Increased club head speed and distance of drive
  • Increased flexibility and spinal rotation
  • Strengthened abdominals and gluteals
  • Keeping your center of gravity aligned over your base of support
  • Balancing the body due to the one-sided nature of the sport

Pilates Studio 1 in the Southend works with individuals to create a golf conditioning program that trains muscles in each side of the body for the specific jobs they are required to do when playing golf.

To apply these techniques for improvement in golf, players need a training program that will produce the greatest results in the most efficient amount of time. With primary focus on core strength, flexibility, stability and balance, while evening out the drastic, and repetitive imbalances put on the various muscles on both sides of the body, Pilates is a great tool for conditioning these smaller isolated muscle groups while correcting any imbalances golfing causes.


From now until February 29, the Studio is offering 20% off a series of 4 Golfer’s Equipment Classes with promo code LOVEGOLF. (Classes must be taken within two months of purchase.)

Ready to jump in, but new to Pilates? Owner Marian Llamas advises starting with the basics.

“The Golfer’s Equipment Class is an intermediate Pilates class, so it’s not meant to teach the beginner concepts of Pilates- it’s meant for those that already know the concepts. If someone wants to take this class and they don’t have previous Pilates experience, they can join us for our beginner mat classes for a few months and then move up to the Golfer’s Class.”

There’s no better time to up your game and lower your score.

Pilates studio 1

Pilates Studio 1
5508 South Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33405



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