Fab Find: Vintage Gucci Stirrup Cups

Stirrup Cups

We are so crushing on these Gucci Stirrup Cups at Palm Beach Antiques and Design Center. With gorgeously detailed horse, hare, fox and dog toppers made out of brass, they would be the perfect accent to a stylish bar area or curio cabinet.

Not savvy in stirrup cups? Here’s a little history lesson:

Stirrup cups were most popular during the 18th and 19th century. The specialized beverage vessel was often presented to a rider on horseback, while their feet were in the stirrups, as they were departing or arriving home from a hunt. Riders were required to down the contents (typically a wine or spirit-based punch, watered down and spiced to taste) fairly quickly which is why the cups typically had no base. This also necessitated servants to be on hand to deliver the cup to the drinker.

While less expensive versions were available in ceramic, the most elegant and elaborate were made out of silver. These statement-making Gucci cups (available for $1,600 for the set) were produced in the 1970s and individually signed.

Bring this dapper quartet home and dress up your next happy hour. They are sure to generate some lively cocktail party conversation.


Palm Beach Antique & Design Center
6910 S Dixie Higway
West Palm Beach, Fl 33405
Tel (561) 588-5868

Summer Hours (June 1 until September 1)
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm



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