Ready To Say “Goodbye” To The West Palm Beach Golf Course As You Know It?

WPB Golf Course

The South End Neighborhood Association (SENA) is seeking reinforcements in its fight against the proposal to shrink the West Palm Beach Golf Course to a Par-3 or 9-Hole course. Read the below letter from Robert Norvel, the SENA Board President and get involved this Thursday, April 23rd from 6:00-8:00 at the South Olive Community Center (345 Summa Street).

Dear Neighbors,

The city of West Palm Beach has hired RMA to begin a visioning process for the South End of West Palm Beach. This is a long-awaited move which gives us the opportunity to become part of the decision making process which will determine the future of 8111 S. Dixie HWY (site of IHOP), Palm Coast Plaza, & the West Palm Beach Municipal Golf Course.

We are excited about the possibility of partnerships with the the City, local agencies, and private partners to create a spectacular Southern entrance to West Palm Beach.

There are many ideas which will be distilled during this process. Some possibilities include creating a waterfront shopping, restaurants, boating, destination along the C51 canal. Tying our Municipal Golf Course in as well as the South Olive Recreational Complex which is part of what makes our neighborhood unique.

Unfortunately, the idea of shrinking the Municipal Golf Course to a Par-3 course or a 9-hole course & developing the land as residential has been put on the table. The SENA board has voted to reject any idea of shrinking the Municipal Golf Course to a Par-3 course or a 9-hole course to developing the land as residential. Instead, we seek to re-establish our golf course as the best MUNICIPAL Golf Course in the County and believe it is worth fighting to keep the integrity of the Golf Course against any development.

We also feel strongly that the work that has been done by Commissioner Materio in conjunction with the cities of Lake Clarke Shores and Lake Worth, the MPO, the South Florida Water Management District, and others, to create a boat-lift on the C51 canal should be completed to become an anchor feature of this development.

We, the South End residents, need to drive the vision. Come and be the essential part of the process.

(WHO) The Redevelopment Management Associates, marketing, real estate strategic planning agency employed by the City of West Palm Beach;

Thursday April 23: 6:00pm till 8:00pm at
South Olive Community Center at 345 Summa St.

MARK YOU CALENDAR AND PLEASE ATTEND. Together we have this once in a life time opportunity to offer our vision and to be part of the process that drives this redevelopment. We do not want to leave this redevelopment to public agencies and developers.

SEE you at the meeting.

The SENA Board, President,
Robert Norvell (561-296-0759)