NEW: Check Out Our Southend Local Business Directories!

Despite the abundant neighborhood resources available on the internet, it has come to our attention that a directory of neighborhood businesses has not been made available online for the Southend. Soso News has taken it upon itself to rectify the situation and ‘Voila!’, here you have the first compiled online directory of local businesses in the Southend!

Now you can easily click a category and see all the local businesses near you that specialize in that. The project is still in progress, as I imagine there may be categories we have overlooked, but here are the links to the pages thus far. The local business pages can also be found on the right sidebar of the blog, under the heading ‘Pages’.

If you have a business in the 33405 area (south of Southern, east of 95, and north of Lake Worth) that we have not listed, or know of one, please let us know in the comments section or by email. Category suggestions are also welcome.


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