Help the Palm Beach Zoo Go Nutty for Squirrel Monkeys

squirrel monkey

Who wouldn’t want to see this adorable face? Help the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society introduce their four squirrel monkeys,  Marge, Mary, Rocky and Sarah, to the world. The monkeys are currently living behind the scenes at the zoo, but you can help them take center stage.

Power2Give project, in conjunction with the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, is raising money for a new in-Zoo habitat for the four monkeys. Their own habitat will allow these monkeys a better life and enable zoo visitors to experience their playful, affectionate and charismatic personalities.

Any dollar amount is appreciated and all donations will be matched, so your generosity will be felt two-fold. Those able to give $500 or $1,000 will also receive the following benefits:

$500 – A special note of thanks from a squirrel monkey zookeeper, personal “Thank You” mention with your name recognized as a donor during the Grand Opening Ceremony debuting the new Squirrel Monkey habitat plus a one-of-a-kind Animal Art creation made for you by the squirrel monkeys

$1,000 – All of the above plus an additional Animal Experience (choose from the Capybara Experience, Aldabra Tortoise Experience, Sloth Experience or Black Bear Experience)

There are only three days left to make a donation, so act soon!  

PB Zoo logo

1301 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 547-WILD (9453) /


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