New Age Happy Hour Courtesy of Bindu Yoga Studio

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Get thinking and drinking with Bindu Yoga Studio at their monthly Spirituality on Tap. Attendees are invited to meditate and then discuss a specific sutra or topic while enjoying a local craft beer (or drink of their choice). It’s a whole new way to do Happy Hour.

This month’s event will be held on Friday, August 28 from 7-8:30. The topic is Yamas: The Eightfold Path of Yoga. For yoga newbies, yamas is one of the eight limbs of yoga that deals with our ethical standards and sense of integrity in terms of our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life. (Kind of a twist on the Golden Rule.)

Click here or on the image below for more details and make this TGIF count…


About Bindu Yoga Studio

Bindu Yoga Studio is a quiet retreat from our busy daily lives where we can nurture our body, mind, and spirit through the study and practice of yoga. This practice comes in so many colors, shapes, and paths that it can be challenging at times to navigate the waters and find what is right for you. For us, the truth is that whatever practice resonates with you, calls you over and over again to the mat, and opens your heart, is the practice that is right for you! We aim to honor and revere yoga in all of its diversity, with an attitude of grace and a willingness to allow the profound openings that are possible to pour forth from all of our hearts.

(561) 233-9882


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